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Los Angeles – Thursday, April 4th, 2019.


All proceeds will be directed to the LGBTQ+ Community centers of Los Angeles and London.

“Happiness knows no history all there is, is right now ”

Lord F premieres today, April 4th, the new single “Timing”. This upbeat pop track reflects on mental health issues faced by a never present society. All profits will go to the LGBTQ+ centers of Los Angeles, city where the track was recorded; and London, where Lord F has a real Lordnobility title. Recorded and produced by the five times Grammy Awardwinning producer “Lamps”. Listen now

With a strong personality and visuals to follow, Brazilian born - LA- based recording artist Lord F, brings to light awareness on the outcome caused by a never existing present society. With an upbeat dance floortrack “Timing” is a cross between Depeche Mode and The Pet Shop Boys with a contemporary 2019 pop approach. Reflecting on the struggles of suffering from severe bullying for never fitting in, now Lord adds I don’t fit in, I Reign”.

Growing up influenced by the greatest British bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure, Duran Duran and Queen. Born and raised on a small town in the Brazilian countryside wasn’t easy when your light shines so bright.

“Writing this song has saved my life and helped me overcome suffering from bullying for being a queer artist. Now I wanna give back to the community taking something that was bad and turn it into good.. All proceeds from the single will go towards the LA and London LGBTQ+ centers.

By late 2016, a year after my first EP came out, I was hosting a TV show that was getting me out of the Musical track. It was never what I wanted to do but it had to be done. I was being forced to be this created character that wasn’t at all what I am. I felt I couldn’t take it anymore, I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. One day, I was at church praying on my knees that God would take me away to heaven, to the promised land, where we are free of any problems. During my prayer, I thought, ‘Yeah God, I got it. In the sky we know, problems are here down bellow.’It was a life changing moment and became the chorus of the song.That made me realize that as long as we live there’s gonna be problems in our lives and that’s okay: the key to happiness is already in our hands. Happiness knows no history, all there is is right now. If you have that in mind nothing can affect you as much. Timing is everything, learn how to control it and watch your life change.

Lord F – who has been selling out venues around California over the past months - is performing on April 10th at Micky’s in West Hollywood, along other surprise guests, where donations will be collected and directed to the cause. Following on June 6th, Lord will perform for the LA LGBTQ+ center charity event at Akbar in Silver lake and On June 9th opening up for Aaron Carter in West Hollywood at the world famousWhisky a go-go.


Brazilian born - LA-based recording artist Lord F began singing andperforming at a young age in school musicals. His first originals came in2015 with the self-titled EP, including 4 songs produced by the Grammy Award winning producer Rick Bonadio, the hottest name on the pop scene in South America. The single “Hey Hey Hey"; "Dance With You"; "Like a Glove"and one song in Portuguese "Ainda é Pouco", reached the top charts on radio plays over many stations in Brazil and are still growing on charts to this day.

Later on, Lord F made his way into Television as a TV Host for the music channel MIX TV, in Brazil, with a reality show setting, commenting on music videos airing on the show; but that never stopped him from following his dreams of making it in the music scene.

Over the course of a year, after they finished filming the second season of the show, with his raised following, Lord took on the invitation to record with the five times Grammy Award wining producer – LA based ‘Lamps’. During the following 6 months he wrote over sixty songs and picked out the best ten for his very first full studio album - "Once Upon A Song"; paving the way to thepop-market in the U.S.

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