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Hi friends,

I lack of words to express how much this song means to me. It has changed, shaped and challenged me in every possible unimaginable way. I have this song done for over three years now, waiting on the right time to release it.

I think most people don't know this about me but I go to church every Sunday, by myself. Just me and God. I need that connection, at least once a week. For me is not much about the mass itself but of that commitment to meet God every week at the same time. As I was praying asking for guidance on rather I should put this out by the end of this year or wait to create a bigger momentum by the end of the next year - the whole massage of that mass was - Don't be afraid. As the father said that I started laughing and crying. God spoke to me once more. Loud and clear.

I knew this was what he wanted from me - to put this out by the end of this year, to not be afraid and wait no longer. It turns out that earlier this year I did not know if I was gonna be able to make it to the end of the next year. My life is not at a good place in general. I'm shooting for the stars and only getting rocks thrown my way. Ever since as a kid I knew exactly what was my mission in life. To touch peoples hearts with my music. Be a voice for good, compassion, kindness and spread LOVE where is full of darkness.

To be honest, if my mission wasn't so clear, I would have never followed this music path. Even the closest people to me have no idea what I had to do, the things I had to give up to follow my mission. Here I am, living on the other side of the world from where I grew up, from the thing that I treasure the most - my family. I had to give it all away to pursue this one thing that I must do. That is what God want's from me.

I have to admit, suicide has been a constant thought throughout the past two years. I'm really trying to make this happen and it takes more than your soul. There has been many ups and downs, and each time they seem to get more intense, you learn how to grow thick skin but there's only much one can take.

The reason I'm saying all of this is because three years ago when I wrote this song and made my way to LA to record and produce the 10 tracks for my first album, I would've never even dreamed that this would me my life today. I was planning on staying here for a month, turns out we're still here three years later.

My point is, I believe God has made me live by my own praise over the past years ever since I wrote these lyrics. There's something really intriguing when you write such a powerful and strong message like the one on this song. I literally have been through a thousand feelings, I took a sip of the sky and I've bottled up the ocean. I seek novelty and adventures, trying to write the best story the world has ever known. But the destination has ALWAYS been the same. Spreading love into the world with my music, touching as many hearts as I can, while I'm finding my way home. If you made it this far, I hope you let this message speak to you heart, and if it does, my job is complete.

We're in this together!

Thank you.

with LOVE,

Lord F.

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