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Hey Friends,

First of all, I hope and pray that everyone's safe at the comfort of your homes along with your loved ones, reflecting and spiritually growing, in light of all of the recent events. I know that EVERYTHING that happens to us has a greater meaning behind it. Me must ask ourselves, what is the lesson here? What is this here to teach us?

I would say that it has already forced us to change. When you stop physical movement all you have left intellect & spirit to move forward.

I have many friends that have been deeply affected financially by the rules of social distancing. Dreamers, believers, the future of the entertainment industry that are willing to live check by check to follow their dreams. These people work at bars, restaurants, clubs, retail stores and as we know all these business are closed until further notice.

Let's help keep everyone secure and safe at the comfort of their homes with basic supplies while our economy is on pause. It can take up to 20 days to hear a response back from the government after you file for unemployment and even if you get approved they will only help with half of what your total income regularly is. 

I started a fund raise donation where all proceeds will be directed to the employees of the clubs, bars & restaurants of my neighborhood in West Hollywood, CA. Any Help come's in good hand, anything is a lot when nothing is all you have. Please visit this page to learn more and make your donation.

This pandemic has proven that one's action reflects in all of us. We are ONE. We must all be at peace in the security of our homes. Please, help others find their way home too. We are all finding OUR WAY HOME.

I wish everyone to stay safe and healthy!

Never forget that we are stronger together!

Much love,

xoxo F.

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