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I don't fit in, I REIGN 👑

Hey friends,

My new single I Reign is out now for streaming.

This was the hardest song to date that I have ever written. I had to dig deep into my deepest and darkest feelings and remember those days when I was a young kid growing up on the Brazilian countryside. I never had many friends, and the few ones that I had was only because they felt pity for me.

So this is my message to all of you that don't fit in, that are feeling lonely just like I was, feeling like you don't have a place in the world. Well let me tell you... You don't! because that's not what you want. You are never gonna fit in if you were born to stand out! We are special in everything that makes us unique and different. For all the reasons we don't fit in, WE REIGN.

If you ever feel like no one cares, I do and I'm here for you. If you need someone to talk to, send me a message. Let's figure this life out together. You are loved.



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